“ENODIA” is made up of expert scientists and experienced volunteers in the field of Road Safety (with specialization in urban transport) and in the provision of First Aid.

The scientific person responsible for the Road Safety training is the Traffic Engineer, Mr. Athanasios Skordas, while for the First Aid subjects, the Certified First Aid Trainer & Rescuer at EKAV Thessaloniki, Mr. Georgios Fournitzis.

ENODIA’s staff have many years of experience in the experiential training of students and adults in Road Safety and First Aid. Dealing with Road Safety as a single whole with First Aid is an innovation and a unique feature of ENODIA’s actions. The knowledge to prevent the accident is one of the most important supplies for all of us, but the knowledge to deal with it, if it eventually takes place, is equally valuable!

At the same time, ENODIA constantly develops contacts and synergies with other scientific bodies and collectives and has already signed Memoranda of Understanding and Cooperation with the following:

  • “Laboratory of Pedagogical Research and Applications in Education” of the Pedagogical Department of Elementary Education of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.P.Th.)
  • “Laboratory for the Study of Health and Road Safety Behaviors” of the Department of Social Work of the Hellenic Mediterranean University
  • Transportation Systems Research Group of the University of Athens
    Association of Greek Transport Engineers (S.E.S.)
  • “Cycling Escape of Pieria” Association
  • Panhellenic Association of Paraplegics – Macedonian Thrace Branch.

Finally, it has received permission from the Ministry of Education (I.E.P.) to implement educational programs in all Kindergartens, Primary, Middle and High Schools in the Territory, while at the same time it was accepted as a Member of the European Road Safety Charter – ERSC).



See HERE the driver training program and what it might include.


First Aid training may include the implementation of three (3) certified training programs. It can be tailored to appeal to both adults and minors. See more HERE.


See HERE our proposal for the training of students of all levels (Pre-Kindergarten – Toddlers – Elementary – Middle School – High School) on Road Safety issues and High School students on first aid issues. It goes without saying that we also provide – if there is interest – training programs for Parents, Teachers and School Bus Drivers.